Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi Vol. 1 album cover
Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi Vol. 1

Andrew Weatherall

Soma Quality Recordings

It’s an act of wonderful Weatherallian perversity to make his 2007 mix album for a much loved techno label – Glasgow’s Soma – mainly rockabilly. To be fair, the Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi series was touted as an “influences” series, and what’s more it perfectly illustrates the way that Weatherall was able to apply DJ logic to more or less any sound, so there are layers of logic to this too. It kicks off with a first half of old, raw American twang from the likes of Link Wray and Charlie Feathers, takes a swerve mid way through via T Rex and The Fall, then ends with anything goes electro-dub-rockabilly including his own early vocal experiment “Feathers,” a remix of Primal Scream, and a bit of old favourites The Cramps and Killing Joke. It’s an object lesson in deconstructing the false binaries between purism and eclecticism, influence and innovation and scholarship and fun.

Joe Muggs

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