Taraf de Haïdouks

Romanian Gypsy taraf (ensemble) from Clejani. Ever since the release of their first album and their appearance in Tony Gatlif's influential Latcho Drom film, Taraf de Haïdouks have been considered as the epitome of Gypsy musics fabulous vitality. Apart from relentlessly touring around the globe, the group has engaged in a series of interesting collaborations: recordings and concert performances with Kronos Quartet, participation as models-cum-musicians in fashion designer Yohji Yamamotos Paris and Tokyo shows, onscreen appearance alongside Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci in Sally Potter's The Man Who Cried (for the soundtrack of which they recorded five pieces) etc. Meanwhile, the band members seem to have been relatively unaffected by all humdrum, they've retained their sense of humour and their way of life (they still reside in their modest village of Clejani, in the Valachian countryside)

Past and present line-up:

Ion Manole aka Şaică - vocals/violin (RIP)

Nicolae Neacşu aka Culai - vocals/violin (RIP)

Dumitru Baicu aka Mitică Cacurică - vocals/cymbalum (RIP)

Ilie Iorga - vocals (RIP)

Marin P. Manole aka Marin a lu Petre - vocals/accordion

Marin Manole aka Marius - accordion

Ion Fălcaru aka Fluierici - winds, double bass (RIP)

Constantin Sandu aka Dinu lu Rădița - vocals/cymbalum

Sandu Marin aka Țagoi - vocals/accordion

Paul Giuclea - vocals/violin (RIP)

Constantin Lautaru aka Costică - violin/vocals

Anghel Gheorghe aka Caliu - violin

Ioniță Manole - accordion

Viorel Vlad - double bass

Ion Tanase aka Ionică - cymbalum

Florea Pîrvan aka Hogea - vocals/accordion

Marinel Sandu - cymbalum

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