Angry Angles
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Angry Angles was a collaboration between Jay Reatard and Alix Brown that yielded three 7" vinyl EP's plus a split single in the period 2005-2006

"Jay Reatard's credentials are too numerous to list, but in Angry Angles joining him is Alix Brown, formerly of Atlanta's 'Lids'. Starting their own imprint, Shattered Records in 2004, the two quickly put together the Angry Angles, armed with a range of obtuse lyrics and structures, poisonous hooks from obscure girl groups of the 60s to atypical Wire and Devo covers, it shows the couple's fascination with post-punk's unorthodox songwriting, and a knack for dual lead vocals. On live drums they alternate between Paul from Die Rotzz and Ryan from Tokyo Electron. Angry Angles first hit the road in the fall, 2005."

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