Cellular Chaos
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Cellular Chaos is a band featuring Weasel Walter and Admiral Grey, based in New York City.

Cellular Chaos' 2013 debut album is described this way: "The album never gets a chance to ever get boring, and it ends gloriously with “Hum,” which opens up the floodgates for one of the most satisfying musical freak-outs of recent memory, like a runaway bullet train hurtling through a decaying city that derails, launching into space for a sci-fi horror flick. "

Music journalist Brad Cohan recently summed up the band's current status as such: "Cellular Chaos, black sheep of Brooklyn’s DIY noise-punk underground, have trudged on through myriad iterations, losing bassists at a furious clip and trading in drummers for drum machines while going label-less for a bulk of their lifespan. Still, these provocateurs have managed to churn out their gnarly and sweaty mishmash of glam raunch, rock histrionics and no wave noise-fuckery with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

Despite the roadblocks, Flying Luttenbachers mastermind Weasel Walter and vocalist Admiral Grey, the two constants of Cellular Chaos since its inception a half decade or so ago, have persevered, shoring up their lineup recently with drummer Rad Chaines and signing on with noise-rock institution Skin Graft Records.

That union has yielded fruit in the form of their Skin Graft debut, "Diamond Teeth Clenched", a scorched-earth statement propelled by animalistic wailing, neck-snapping guitar blowouts and a rhythm section (the since-departed bass/drums combo of Shayna Dulberger and Marc Edwards) to die for."

- Brad Cohan

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