Roachee is an MC and former member of Roll Deep, having joined the collective in late 2004 although in 2005 Chantelle Fiddy referred to him as a member of Bomb Squad.When he left is uncertain but it was while he was in prison and probably at the same time his cousin Trim left the collective. Like Trim, Roachee is close to Ruff Sqwad members.

Roachee is responsible for possibly Roll Deep’s most famous grime song When I’m ‘Ere. Roachee appeared on the opening and closing verses of the song. Roachee is well liked amongst grime fans for his agressive bars.

Since his release from prison in the latter half of 2008 Roachee has apparently recorded tracks with Trim and Lee Brasco and is apparently working on a project with Skepta and Desperado. Roachee appeared on a remix to Tinchy Stryder’s track “Rollin’” produced by Maniac.

In 2011 Roachee’s work rate increased and he started to become more prominent despite already being well-known within the scene. He appeared on a remix of Zdot’s ‘Gangster’ instrumental alongside Stutta and he sent for Scorcher in an effort to clash Scorcher on Lord of the Mics 3, which unfortunately never happened as Scorcher never replied in war dub form. Roachee released his first mixtape, Roach Material Vol 1, as a free download in September. The mixtape received wide praise amongst fans. A few months later, Roachee appeared alongside his affiliates Ruff Sqwad in the video for a remix of Ruff Sqwad’s ‘RSMD’. Roach Material Vol 2 is expected to be released on iTunes in the near future.

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