Anonymous, Montpellier MS

Codex Chantilly is the primary manuscript source for a fourteenth century French style known as ars subtilior, or the subtle art. This was a type of late-medieval polyphonic music that utilized highly subdivided rhythms, dissonant harmony, and complex textures. In its day, ars subtilior was favored among the Burgundian nobility, and the musicians represented by name in the Codex have been traced to the courts of Burgundy, Navarre, Foix, and Arágon and in the city of Avignon. The date of the repertoire within Codex Chantilly ranges from about 1353, or not long after the cessation of the Black Death, to about 1397-1398. This latter date is deduced through the alleged death of composer Baude Cordier, whose highly calligraphic works Belle, bonne, sage, plaisant (In the Shape of a Heart) and Tout par compas suy composés (In the Shape of a ... Read Full Biography

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