The Billboard Love Song Project

I had a passing curiosity a ways back about whether the proportion of songs that appear in the Billboard Hot 100 that are love songs has changed over time. I couldn't find an answer online so I figured out it just might be possible to find out if a few other people were also curious and willing to collaborate with a bunch of other people who also want to know the answer. I mean I could jam all this stuff into an AI and get some kind of an answer but I like the idea of a bunch of humans coming together and figuring stuff out even if it's for something incredibly trivial, y’know?

I built this little database, using the data collated by this guy HipsterVizNinja, and I'm hoping some others will be interested enough to listen to the odd song from time to time and classify it.

The database has links to a YouTube search, a lyrics search, and options for whether a given song is about love, about a breakup, or about sex. They don't have to be mutually exclusive, but a song that's primarily about sex (like, say, Ride my Pony), shouldn't have the love box clicked. All you gotta do is read the lyrics, listen to the song (if you want, I guess that's optional although for me that's the fun part), classify the song, and click the "Done" button. If it's not about love, or a breakup, or sex, just click "Done."

If the button reads "Update" it's already been classified, if you think someone got it wrong go ahead and update it, I'll keep track of the edits and figure out some way to reconcile them down the line.

I am restricting this little project to people who are logged into Shfl, so that I can revert if some rando decides to screw everything up, so if you'd like to contribute simply login and go nuts.

I promise to write something up and make some pretty graphs if this thing ever gets completely filled out, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

There exist 30498 songs left to categorize, out of a total 30621 that have appeared in the Billboard Hot 100 since 1958.

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