How Critics Get Added to Shfl

Every critic on Shfl was chosen specifically for their expertise. A random sampler should be fun to flip through and it should be able to surprise you, so I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking the sampling pool so that it satisfies my admittedly idiosyncratic desires. I don’t want using Shfl to feel like leafing through the review section of Entertainment Weekly or Rolling Stone. If you have a favorite critic that you think I should add, or a great list of albums, email me.

Critic Pages on Shfl

If you are a critic and you are already on Shfl, then I crawled your reviews specifically. If you want to add a bio to your page, social media links, or links to writing elsewhere, get in touch. Shfl also runs original reviews and the occasional longer piece, and if you're already on here it means I like your work, so if you're interested in writing for Shfl let me know. Writers who've contributed to Shfl include Ned Raggett, Nate Patrin, and Sasha Frere-Jones.