How Critics Get Added to Shfl

Not every recommender on Shfl is a critic, but many of them are. Every critic on Shfl has been selected and added manually. You can see if a critic has been added here:

A random sampler should be fun to flip through and it should be able to surprise you, so I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking the sampling pool so that it satisfies my admittedly idiosyncratic desires. I don’t want using Shfl to feel like leafing through the review section of Entertainment Weekly or Rolling Stone. If you know of a critic I've missed, or a great list of albums, email me.

Critic Pages on Shfl

Once a critic has been added to Shfl, they have a page dedicated to the albums they’ve given positive reviews to, along with other information about the critic if I have it. If you let me know about yourself I’m happy to fill this page out, some of my most popular pages are critic’s pages. In fact the most popular page on the site is Anthony Fantano’s page. Here are some things I can add:

Here are some examples of critic pages that have a lot of links: Sasha Frere-Jones, Jeff Weiss, Alex Ross, Brandon Stosuy. If you want me to fill out your page, just email me with whatever you’d like to add. If you have articles or interviews please include where the piece appeared and the publication date if available.