Hidden Features

There’s a few semi-hidden features on Shfl. Whenever I want to be able to do something I add it in and usually stick a keyword into the search bar. The search bar is kinda like Shfl’s console. Anyway, here's a rundown of some of the more interesting things you can do, you can try them out in the search bar to the left (on top if you're on a phone).

Filtering on years and decades

if you type in a year, like 1975, you'll see an option to restrict the albums to ones that came out in 1975. This also works for decades, just tack on an ‘s’, like ‘1960s’. Then you can flip through, say, African music from the 1970’s.

Hidden categories

There’s a few categories that I rarely want to see, like children’s music or christmas music. These are still in the database but will generally only show up if specifically searched for. These categories are ‘Christmas’, ‘children’s music’, ‘stage/screen’, and ‘comedy’.

Multiple genres

Sometimes I want to search on the intersection of two genres, like ‘contemporary’ and ‘string quartet’. If you’re already filtering on a genre and want to add another one, prefix your search with a ‘+’. Then any genre added via the auto-suggest will combine with the other genres you are already filtering on.


You can filter on record labels, like ECM, Warp, or Fania. This lets you flip through 1960’s Blue Note recordings, for example.


If you type ‘streaming’ into the search bar, four options will come up: ‘on bandcamp’, ‘not on spotify’, ‘not on apple’, and ‘not streamable’. If you select one of these you can flip through albums that satisfy those criteria.