Brandon Stosuy

Brandon Stosuy is co-founder of The Creative Independent and co-founder of Basilica Soundscape. As Zone 6 Artist Management, he and Caleb Braaten manage Aoife Nessa Frances, Circuit des Yeux, Girlpool, Hand Habits, Jess Williamson, Kinlaw, Lydia Ainsworth, Moor Mother, Purple Pilgrims, and Zola Jesus (and co-curate Zone 6 Gallery at TV EYE in Ridgewood, Queens). For the past 12 years Stosuy and the visual artist Matthew Barney have collaborated on a series of live events, objects, and print publications related to their Long Island City performance space, REMAINS (a book on the space is forthcoming). He is the author of two children’s books: Music Is (2016) and We Are Music (2018) and is at work on a three-book memoir series about work/life balance, inspiration, and failure for Abrams.

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