Love Songs album cover
Love Songs

Martin Smolka , ensemble recherche

Composed by:  Hans Zender , Georg Kröll , Hans Abrahamsen , Georg Friedrich Haas , Günter Steinke , Chaya Czernowin , Nicolaus A. Huber , Walter Zimmermann , Fabio Nieder , Sebastian Claren , Hèctor Parra , François Sarhan , Carola Bauckholt , Johannes Maria Staud , Gerhard E. Winkler , Jörg Widmann , Cornelius Schwehr , Johannes Schollhörn , Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , Ramón Lazkano , André Richard , Elena Mendoza , Mark Andre , Rolf Riehm , Caspar Johannes Walter , Enno Poppe , Alla Zagaykevych , Lucia Ronchetti , Christopher Fox

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