Accelerator album cover

Royal Trux

Drag City

After 1997’s Sweet Sixteen, Royal Trux loose from Virgin Records and returned home to Drag City, with a sweet financial pay-out and a new album ready to go. Accelerator completes their ‘decades trilogy’ with a weird, plastic glam-metal sheen, but it’s also full of psychedelic drop-outs and surprising tonal events that are closer to some of the freakiest ‘70s dub productions. Front-loaded with naggingly catchy pop gems – “I’m Ready”, “Juicy Juicy Juice”, “The Banana Question” – the real magic happens over Accelerator’s second half, with the deep, disorienting phase-outs of “Follow The Winner” and “New Bones”, and the soaring “Stevie”. They used a spectrum analyser, tuned to modern pop, to inform some of the production and arrangement, a wild move for such analogue heads, but one that probably explains Accelerator’s ‘comfortable strangeness.’

Jon Dale

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