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Bleu Your Mind


This 2023 collection of idiosyncratic synth funk, pretty-disco, thematic down-tempo and jazz-tinged electro-pop from UK producer, DJ, bassist and guitarist JP Altier under his Jpye guise is both charming and gently grooving. There’s a retro flavour running through it, with vocoders, clavinets, hollow-sounding Sly Stone-sounding drum box rhythms and wriggly Marvin Trouble Man-era synths blending with laid-back contemporary club beats and synths. However there’s none of Sly Stone’s dark, claustrophobic paranoia or Marvin’s sweaty, druggy intimacy here, and even in the occasionally dubby (“Tutto OK”) or blissed out and beatific moments, (“Fingers Crossed”) the mood remains colourful, bright and sunny throughout.

Harold Heath

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