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Bodily Functions


!K7 Records

Few people in the European electronic world have ever tapped into the groove and the BLUES inherent in deep house music as well as Matthew Herbert. For all his intellectualism, pranksterism and provocation this has always been the thing that give his music lasting power, and this was one of the most perfect statements of it. He’d already proved his worth with a slew of 12"s and the 1998 Around the House album (its sounds created from household objects), but this album — like its predecessor featuring his then wife Dani Sicilano on vocals — really transcended. It’s themed around, and created from sounds sampled from, human bodies and every part of it crackles with intimacy, curiosity, a blurring of the macro and the micro. But over and above its sonic uniqueness, it’s a collection of dreamy, sad and gorgeous songs, with jazz ensemble instrumentation and Siciliano’s voice perfectly melded into the electronics.

Joe Muggs

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