Change Of Heart cover

Change Of Heart


Italian disco outfit Change teamed up with Jam and Lewis for their 1984 album and after getting the obligatory quiet storm ballad that was required of any soul album in the 80s out of the way, confidently launched into a set of irresistible churning 808 funk and soul. Jam and Lewis in ’84 had pretty much perfected their blend of synthesised instruments and live playing and there are plenty of examples of their synth-soul aesthetic that would go on to define much of soul and pop throughout the 80s. 

Final track It Burns Me Up packs in distorted atonal guitar soloing à la Prince and liquid Stevie-esque synth bass to create a track with veers between cool, stark minimalist R’n’B and comforting synthetic strings and tinkling digital keys wrapping you up in a warm and very clean sonic blanket. With hooks galore, precise, economic machine rhythms and a pristine sound palette, ‘Change Of Heart’ is classic mid-80s dance floor soul. 

Harold Heath

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