E2-E4 album cover

Manuel Göttsching

Inteam GmbH

The influence on this extended sequencer and guitar jam on dance culture cannot be overstated. Larry Levan reportedly fell in love with it the minute he heard it, making it a staple at NYC’s Paradise Garage and the last record played at his last gig before he died in 1992. The impact it had on house and techno is obvious and vast — in technique, in spirit and through being sampled directly, most notably by Carl Craig, Basic Channel and on 1989 Italo house hit “Sueño_Latino” by Sueño_Latino which would become one of the defining records of the Balearic DJing style as it went international. But E2-E4 had long been an Ibiza staple before any dance producers reworked it, with brave and or zoned-out DJs sometimes letting its entire hour-long duration play out. As its cycling patterns develop, it truly captures the mood of a party or dance floor that has come untethered from the everyday, where the demands of normal time no longer exist.

Joe Muggs

Krautrock and kosmische music are typically considered part of two different schools: the synthesized variety best personified by Tangerine Dream and Cluster, and the improvisational, guitar-driven live-band style of Can and Amon Düül II. Manuel Göttsching, whose career was filled with fusions of those two schools, created such a hypnotically alluring meeting of mechanical dance rhythms and electric guitar melodicism with E2-E4 that there are still house producers in Germany attempting to capture its vibe to this day.

Nate Patrin

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