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Ghosts and Others


The most unpleasantly loud show I’ve ever seen was Phill Niblock playing his laptop in a church about ten years ago. The accompanying film was water flowing peacefully over rocks but Niblock was playing something that sounded like Medusa rubbing a pound of glass against an amplified baking sheet. Ghosts and Others is nothing like that, largely field recordings of musicians and parades in Hong Kong, not music per se but deeply musical. The sense of space and gently entering and exiting events is addictive and I’ve played it now three times in a row.

Sasha Frere-Jones

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Vol. 3

Topdown Dialectic
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Magic & Machines

Vanishing Twin
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Sons Of

Sam Prekop, John McEntire
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Jaap Vink

Jaap Vink
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Dialoghi Nel Vuoto

Riccardo Sinigalglia, Maurizio Abate
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Siavash Amini
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Basic Channel
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In Plain Sight

Songs for a Tired City