HBO (Haitian Body Odor) album cover
HBO (Haitian Body Odor)


Fashion Rebels

For someone who played a not insignificant part in the rise of Griselda Records, Mach-Hommy would rather be heard than seen — and even then, often in limited amounts, as the bespoke short-run pressings of his physical releases can attest to. But even if he’s more get-that-bag than the other artists on this list, he’s more beast than hype: he’s selling out his merch but not his principles, and tamer artists than him have failed to consolidate hip-hop’s artistic, fashionable, and street-minded sides as effectively as he has. Could be because he spits about high style and status symbols with the drive of someone resentful of the mere idea that it would ever be denied to him, and his very presence makes August Fanon’s upscaled yet arcane boom-bap beats sound like luxury goods.

Nate Patrin

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