Last Night Songs album cover
Last Night Songs

My Pal Foot Foot


Named after a song by legendary outsider pop trio The Shaggs, My Pal Foot Foot was formed by Yuko Kono and Kei Takeshita in 2000. While they never quite seemed to get the international attention of some of their peers (Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Tenniscoats), they were quiet achievers, releasing a clutch of beautiful albums before disbanding in the 2010s. Last Night Songs is exactly the right title for music this intimate and slow-moving – the five songs here are built from the gentle interaction of two guitars, plotting out simple chord shapes and intricate phrases as a bed for Kono’s and Takeshita’s peaceful sighs. It shares something with the more reflective end of post-rock and slowcore – Low, Codeine, Duster – but is yet more stripped back, elemental.

Jon Dale

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