Miles_Gurtu album cover

Robert Miles , Trilok Gurtu

S:alt Records

Is this a vision of an alternate timeline Balearic sound? In a hilarious irony, Swiss-Italian producer Roberto Concina aka Robert Miles was more responsible than most for shifting Ibiza’s dominating sounds away from the variety and sophistication of OG Balearic ethos thanks to his superclub-dominating trance anthems epitomised by 1995’s “Children.” But then with his mainstream money, he settled in a mansion in the Ibiza hills and threw himself into making music altogether more varied, psychedelic and luxurious. 2001’s Organik was an outstanding blend of prog rock, krautrock, jazz and trip hop, with the mighty Bill Laswell in tow. But this follow-up with Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu was a big step further out. In its gentler moments, it’s very keyed into the early Balearic vibe — jazz fusion melody, transglobal percussion, ambient pads all floating by elegantly — while when it’s more manic it slips towards Squarepusher-like junglist jazz, but still retaining its poise. Very much music for wafting around in a kaftan to.

Joe Muggs

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