Napoli Segreta Vol. 2 cover

Napoli Segreta Vol. 2


After the release of Napoli Segreta Vol. 1 and Nu Genea’s hugely successful “Nuova Napoli,” vintage Neapolitan music suddenly became “cool,” and the price of the old 45s that had until that point been gathering dust in the city’s flea markets skyrocketed. But Nu Genea (who helped compile both volumes) and the Napoli Segreta crew have spent years building a network of record dealers in the city’s meandering alleyways,  and they’re not short of obscure neapolitan tunes. Volume 2 of their compilation brings together more disco and funk cuts, with a foray into Latin Jazz with Tony Verde’s “Calypso,” sensual boogie with Ara Macao’s “Reflection,” or the brilliant jazz-funk of Tony Iglio’s “Luci Di New York”.

Megan Iacobini de Fazio