Oscillons From The Anti-Sun album cover
Oscillons From The Anti-Sun


Too Pure

If you weren’t keeping up with the satellite EPs Stereolab released alongside their albums – great singles like “Cybele’s Reverie” and “Ping Pong,” rich with playful b-sides – Oscillons from the Anti-Sun will get you right up to speed. There are warped versions of album tracks (notably, a slippery, psychedelicised “Les Yper-Yper Sound,” abstracted from 1996’s Emperor Tomato Ketchup); easy listening gems (the stand-alone “Fluorescences” a-side); mantric moodiness (1994’s “Golden Ball,” a better version that on Transient Random-Noise Bursts…); and perhaps the set’s highlight, the dizzying story-song of “Long Life Love,” a modular construction from 2001 that highlights the gentle charms of the late Mary Hansen and her beautiful voice.

Jon Dale

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