Rembrandt Pussyhorse album cover
Rembrandt Pussyhorse

Butthole Surfers

Touch And Go

This album features the Butthole Surfers’ most experimental songs. “Creep In The Cellar” features piano and backwards violin, the latter a result of re-using another band’s tape; they turn the Guess Who’s “American Woman” into a pounding near-industrial epic with blown-out, programmed drums; “Strangers Die Everyday” is built around horror-movie organ; and the growls on “Mark Says Alright” come from guitarist Paul Leary’s dog, whose full name was Mark Farner Of Grand Funk Railroad. It all ends with what can only be described as a dub mix of “Creep,” followed by four bonus tracks from the Cream Corn From The Socket Of Davis EP, including the immortal “Moving To Florida.”

Phil Freeman

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