Sketches From an Island, Vol. 1  album cover
Sketches From an Island, Vol. 1

Mark Barrott

International Feel Recordings

It’s kind of hilarious thatone of the most flagrantly Balearic modern record labels of all — International Feel — for the first few years of its life was run not from the Mediterranean, but from Punta Del Este, more than 6,000 miles away on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay. But the Sketches From an Island records were made by label founder Barrott after decamping back to Ibiza, and they absolutely radiate Balearic vibes. Brazilian tropicália lilt, German Kosmische synth ripples a la Klaus Schulze, Pat Metheny flavoured new-age jazz, an undercurrent of Mr Fingers and Marshall Jefferson, gentle whispers of pop melody, all kept ultra delicate at all times. And in case you were in any doubt at all where this is located geographically, there’s even a track called “Formentera Headspace Blues” to make it 1,000% clear.

Joe Muggs

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