Streetnoise album cover

Julie Driscoll , Brian Auger & the Trinity


Following the disintegration of short-lived London scene ‘supergroup’ Steampacket, featuring Long John Baldry and a young Rod Stewart, organist Brian Auger and singer Julie Driscoll continued to work together as part of The Trinity. Following two LPs featuring a slightly uneven mix of mod jazz and Hammond rave ups, they hit their stride with a third, and final, collaboration. 1969’s Streetnoise was an ambitious double album which encapsulated a far broader palette into its heady brew, with gnarled folk music, gospel and proto-prog fermenting within its 16 tracks. The instrumentals are dazzling as Auger puts his virtuosity to a new style of fusion, but it’s Driscoll — part Sandy Denny, part Grace Slick, part Dusty Springfield — who is the star, enacting startling metamorphoses against an ever-changing musical backdrop.

Chris Catchpole

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