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In 1980, Tom Waits met Kathleen Brennan while they were both working on Francis Ford Coppola’s One From The Heart. They married, and soon she was nudging him out of the jazzy singer-songwriter zone he’d been in for seven albums toward a raucous, clanking world of sound influenced by Captain Beefheart, Harry Partch, and Howlin’ Wolf. Swordfishtrombones, his first release for new label Asylum, literally draws you into its sonic universe with the song “Underground.” Come on inside, Waits says, and begins telling stories about freakish characters and their bizarre lives, occasionally erupting in fits of surreal braggadocio (“16 Shells From a 30.6”). We hear the rattle of tapped hubcaps, muted horns, rock ’n’ roll guitars and thumping backbeats, and a surprising variety of drones — harmonium, bagpipes, accordion. Every once in a while, he still sits down at the piano and lets his sentimental side out to play, though (“Johnsburg, Illinois,” “Soldier’s Things”).

Phil Freeman

Three Crowns cover

Three Crowns

Maciej Obara
Locust Abortion Technician cover

Locust Abortion Technician

Butthole Surfers
Once Was Not cover

Once Was Not

Electric Byrd cover

Electric Byrd

Donald Byrd
Pedernal cover


Susan Alcorn Quintet
Your Queen Is a Reptile cover

Your Queen Is a Reptile

Sons of Kemet
The Imagined Savior Is Far Easier to Paint cover

The Imagined Savior Is Far Easier to Paint

Ambrose Akinmusire
Four Compositions (GTM) 2000 cover

Four Compositions (GTM) 2000

Anthony Braxton
Go In Numbers cover

Go In Numbers

Wadada Leo Smith, New Dalta Ahkri


Muriel Grossmann
Picture Music cover

Picture Music

Klaus Schulze
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Klaus Schulze