The Complete Score From “The Catherine Wheel” cover

The Complete Score From “The Catherine Wheel”


Choreographer Twyla Tharp commissioned Talked Heads frontman David Byrne to compose a soundtrack for her dance project The Catherine Wheel, and the result was a strange and wonderful program of pop music featuring songs that fans of Talking Heads would certainly enjoy (“Big Blue Plymouth,” “What a Day That Was”) along with lots of instrumental pieces that vary in style from funk to ambient to experimental. Not all of it will appeal to everyone, but there’s tons of fun and very interesting music here.

Rick Anderson

Greed cover


Ambitious Lovers
2 Tone cover

2 Tone

U-Zhaan, Shuta Hasunuma
Reveries cover


thisquietarmy, Noveller
Echo cover


Chris Russell
Solifuge cover


Less Bells
Into Silence cover

Into Silence

Jane Antonia Cornish
Y in Dub cover

Y in Dub

Dennis Bovell, The Pop Group