Tom and Jerry album cover
Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

1992 - 1996

Alongside their continued accomplishment and willingness to change and learn, one major part of Marc Mac and Dego's longevity is down to never losing touch with the dancefloor. And their Tom & Jerry project has always been emblematic of that. Back in the white heat of rave, while they were experimenting left, right and centre, they started the Tom and Jerry alias to consolidate all he elements they were using into straight up DJ secret weapons. Starting in 1992, with airborne hardcore rave as dizzyingly euphoric as anything LTJ Bukem was doing at the time, they quickly matured into the classic T&J jungle sound: lengthy rare groove samples, ragga/dancehall shouts, furious breakbeats and of course plenty of sub bass. The gung-ho attitude to sampling may explain why these 12" singles have never been re-released, meaning they now fetch prices into the hundreds of pounds. The main flurry of releases ran from 1992-96, but every so often through the 21st century unreleased T&J material finds its way out on a new 12,” the latest being three releases in 2020, meaning there is now a serious body of work out there.

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