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Wet Leg


In 2021’s “Chaise Longue”, Isle Of Wight duo Wet Leg produced one of the most gleefully brilliant debut singles in recent memory and instantly catapulted themselves into the sometimes unenviable position of being The Next Big Things. Thankfully, the pair’s debut album more than lived up to the hype. From opener “Being In Love”’s scuzzy buzz to the teary sweep of closer “Too Late Now,” every song here delivers a knockout punch of witty surrealism and fizzy guitar pop magnificence. Perhaps not since The Strokes had a band arrived, seemingly from nowhere, so perfectly formed.

Chris Catchpole

If Wet Leg appeals to the dirty old men, as adduced in so many explanations of the band’s hyperspeed rise of in 2022, that may be because there are dirty old men in this album, like the one at the side of the road touching himself and enticing singer Rhian Teasdale with his DVD of Buffalo 66. Wet Leg’s biggest hit, “Chaise Longue,” is a stand-up routine, almost, notable for how clearly Teasdale enunciates her lines about buttering muffins and underwear and going backstage. Wet Leg are smart and horny and good enough that their rise is no surprise.

Sasha Frere-Jones

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