Brecon Baroque

Brecon Baroque is one of the leading groups in Britain devoting itself to Baroque secular music. It was patterned by violinist and leader Rachel Podger on the secular coffee house ensembles of Bach's and Telemann's day, specifically on the so-called Café Zimmermann ensemble maintained by prosperous Leipzig property owner Gottfried Zimmermann in a coffee house in his handsome Katharinenstrasse building. (Setting a pattern that has endured to the present day, Zimmermann did not charge admission to the concerts, but recouped his investment through sales of coffee.) Other ensembles have been inspired by this configuration, but few have had the flexibility and ambition of Podger's group, which she founded in 2007. The group consists of instrumentalists who all had (and have) flourishing solo careers, including violinist Johannes Pramsohler, ... Read Full Biography

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