Cheb Mami

الشاب مامي / Cheb Mami, born July 11, 1966, in Graba-el-Oved, Saida, Algeria, is an Algerian rai singer.

He began his artistic career singing at marriage ceremonies and circumcisions. His soulful voice earned him the nickname Mami ('the mourner').

At the end of 1985, he embarked for Paris for a tour of Arab clubs. In January 1986 Mami participated in the Rai Festivals of the Villette (Paris) and Bobigny. There he met Michel Levy, who became his manager. In December 1986, Mami appeared at the famous Olympia Theater in Paris.

Mami's music borrows from an eclectic blend of Mediterranean and Western influences including flamenco, Greek and Turkish music as well as hip-hop, funk, reggae and Latin music.

His collaboration as a guest singer on Sting's "Desert Rose" increased his international profile as a pop star.

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