DEMON, a young 25-year old producer, has already left behind him an unusual and promising trail. Though he was influenced by artists from a wide range of disciplines (Kitano, Bukowski), Hip-hop was his first musical love (Mobb Deep). Correspondingly, in the early '90s, while Rap is exploding in France to full effect, he produces an aggressively underground album (Symbiose), already beyond classic conventions and inspirations.For DEMON, it's the creation of a label, 20 000ST, that in turn allows him to widen his musical horizons. From November 1997, he produces "A-Typique", his first 5-track EP, ahead of its time, claiming the combined influences of Hip-hop and Funk. This EP experienced an incontestable commercial and media success, the programming of "Lil'Fuck", highlight of this EP, was equally explosive on Radio as on the House scene.April 1998 was marked by the release of DEMON's second EP, "Electronic Boogie", as precursory as ever, with its electro edge foreshadowing the present trends. SOLID, the famous Parisian label, then chose to bestow on him responsibility of creating Poumtchak #6, following in the footsteps of DIMITRI FROM PARIS, ALEX GOPHER or indeed FUNK MOB. Given rave reviews in numerous magazines (NME, I.D., Magic, Groove Germany) this record achieved as equal a success in France as on the other side of the Channel.After having created remixes for Alex Gopher, Jean-Louis Murat, collaborated with Mr Oizo, Etienne de Crecy and a good many others, DEMON launched his first LP "MIDNIGHT FUNK" on february 2000. This LP confirmed the hopes made about the young phenomenon, who is already considered as one of the best artist of the "french touch" movement. Filled with melodic, groundbreaking house sounds, this opus is an end-of-century musical synthesis. "MIDNIGHT FUNK" blends various styles (Hip-hop, funk, electro) on a trip to an imaginary world where a city resounds with music that is both melancholic and celebratory.

The extraordinary worl success of DEMON VS HEARTBREAKER hit "YOU ARE MY HIGH" and its sulphurous video,left us eager to discover DEMON's future relases. This totally innovative video, nominated at the "Victoire de la Musique", is the essence of the single and has greatly contributed to give "YOU" a large publicity in the media.

In 2002 DEMON is nominated at the MTV Music Europe Awards for the "Best French Act", next to artists such as MANU CHAO and DAFT PUNK. The same year, DEMON worked on a new original music project, "BRANDING", a new album with famous and exclisive remixes, skilfully combining a variety of surprising rhythms. "BRANDING" is the result if DEMON numerous works for various artists who asked him to mix some of their singles, such as ETIENNE DAHO, BRAN VAN 3000, BENJAMIN DIAMOND, ROY DAVIS JUNIOR etc...

In 2002, after the release of WUZ, a project he has been working on with ALEX GOPHER, DEMON is to prepare his new album.

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