London's Felix Manuel (aka Djrum) produces a highly ambitious form of electronic music which is informed by club styles such as techno, garage, and jungle, as well as his background in jazz and classical music. His compositions are often lengthy, multi-part epics which are structured more like miniature soundtracks than typical club cuts. After debuting in 2010 and releasing several acclaimed EPs, particularly 2011's Mountains, he made his full-length debut with 2013's Seven Lies. While many of his releases rely on samples, Manuel decided to put more of a focus on his piano playing for his second full-length, 2018's Portrait with Firewood. Felix Manuel trained as a jazz pianist, and names Alice Coltrane and Keith Jarrett as two crucial influences. He began to DJ during the late 2000s, and was a member of the Yardcore crew, who threw ... Read Full Biography

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