Het Collectief

The chamber ensemble Het Collectief specializes in the period from the early 20th century to the experimental present. The group has performed internationally and has recorded for several labels. Het Collectief ("The Collective") was formed in Brussels, Belgium, in 1998. Its membership has remained consistent, comprising Wibert Aerts (violin), Julien Hervé (clarinet), Thomas Dieltjens (piano), Toon Fret (flute), and Martijn Vink (cello). This heterogeneous grouping has allowed Het Collectief to explore classic chamber works of the 20th century, often arranging them from other media, and also to explore new works in the medium of chamber music for traditional instruments. The ensemble performs and records arrangements of music from earlier periods as well. Het Collectief has focused on the roots of modernism in the music of the composers ... Read Full Biography

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