James Baillieu

The South African-British accompanist and solo pianist James Baillieu has been one of the most highly regarded artists in his field since completing his studies with top honors in 2007. Baillieu was born in South Africa in 1982. Far from a child prodigy, he was encouraged to take up the piano after being diagnosed with poor hand-eye coordination. "I loved it, even though I was terrible at first. In fact, I became quite obsessive, and my mother had to tell me to stop and go outside to play. But I still can't catch a ball," he recalled to the Telegraph. Baillieu studied music at the University of Cape Town and turned to the role of accompanist when given the opportunity to work and perform with singers in the school's strong opera program, including soprano Pumeza Matshizika. In 2005, he won a scholarship for foreign students at the Royal ... Read Full Biography

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