Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor is an American indie rock band formed in Torrance, California in 2008. The band’s current lineup consists of singer-songwriter and guitarist Barry Johnson, guitarist Chase Knobbe, and bassist/backing vocalist Matt Ebert. The band’s musical style is rooted in punk rock, but has diversified throughout their career. The band first gained momentum through word-of-mouth and social media sites. Kurt Walcher was the band’s founding drummer; the group has switched drummers each album cycle since 2015.

The band has released six studio albums, each typically short in duration. Their 2011 self-titled debut, featuring the single “Constant Headache”, was released through indie label 6131; its 2012 follow-up, Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired, was distributed through Asian Man. The band signed a long-term contract with Epitaph Records, with whom the band first released Never Hungover Again in 2014. The band explored different song structures and tempos on Cody (2016) and Million Dollars to Kill Me (2018). Their most recent album, 40 oz. to Fresno, was released in 2022.

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