Lal Waterson

Elaine “Lal” Waterson (15 February 1943 – 4 September 1998) was an English folk singer and songwriter. She sang with, among others, The Watersons, The Waterdaughters and Blue Murder. She was born in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire. In 1998, she died suddenly in Robin Hood’s Bay, of cancer diagnosed only ten days before. “Lal Waterson’s voice was stark but captivating, her songs lyrically ambitious and melodically powerful.”Lal Waterson was the sister of Norma Waterson and Mike Waterson, the aunt of Eliza Carthy, and the sister-in-law of Martin Carthy. She was survived by her husband of 30 years, George Knight, and her two children, Oliver Knight and Maria Gilhooley, with both of whom she had recorded albums.

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