A key figure within the lo-fi New York hip-hop scene of the 2010s and 2020s, rapper and producer Medhane infuses his bars with intense reflection and poignant anecdotes. Working in near-constant collaboration with other members of the movement, the musician released his debut full-length, Own Pace, in November 2019. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Medhane-Alam Olusuola excelled both in artistic and academic prospects from a young age. In addition to skipping two grades and attending the prestigious NEST+m academy, the young Olusuola was a regular figure at the Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy, an arts organization working with children of African heritage. After enrolling at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University in 2014, he got his start in the music game, working with Slauson Malone as Medslaus on the explosive 2015 EP Greys in Yellow and ... Read Full Biography

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