Morrison Kincannon

A teenage Norman Morrison and pal Terry Kincannon started working together, writing songs, recording, many on to 8-track (ask your parents) or cassette. The influences are numerous and all very West Coast (Dylan, James Taylor, Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Eagles and, er, Perry Como, according to Morrison), and spent much of the 1970s writing and recording, amassing a vast archive of recordings, few of which saw the light of day.

A clutch of them made it to seven inch, near private press singles, some of which made their way across the Atlantic. Meanwhile, despite being signed to assorted management deals and the likes, Morrison Kincannon were still beavering away, although less and less. As Morrison notes: “It was about 1986 when I gave up on pursuing songwriting/recording artist as my main work. I became a carpenter around 1978 as I had gotten married and had my first child on the way soon afterwards. I needed benefits which that job offered.”

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