Pram are a British post-rock band formed in Birmingham, England in 1988 by Rosie Cuckston (vocals, keyboards), Matt Eaton (guitar), Andy Weir (drums), and Samantha Owen (bass). Subsequent lineups have changed frequently, most notably with Cuckston’s departure in 2008. Their electronic pop sound, described by AllMusic as “equally quaint and unsettling,” employs unconventional instruments and draws on stylistic influences such as krautrock, exotica, and dub.The group signed to Too Pure Records in 1993, where they released their debut LP The Stars Are So Big, The Earth Is So Small… Stay as You Are. They later signed to Domino. Following the 2007 album The Moving Frontier, they took a lengthy hiatus, returning in 2018 with Across the Meridian.

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