Sada Baby

Characterized by his sheer dynamism on the mike and his iconic dance moves, rapper Sada Baby built his brand on an infectious, ever-shifting style. After finding significant success with the Drego-assisted "Bloxk Party" off his 2019 mixtape Bartier Bounty, he became one of the key faces of the late-2010s and early-2020s wave of Detroit hip-hop. Born in 1992, Sada Baby (also known as Skuba Steve) arrived on the Detroit rap scene in his early twenties. After being featured on fellow Detroit rapper Danny Mellz's track "Megaman X," Sada kicked off his career with a series of singles that eventually culminated in 2017's Skuba Sada mixtape. With contributions from Oba Rowland, Motown Ty, and others, the tape demonstrated the rapper's versatility, compiling high-octane brashness, sing-rap street tales, and even a remix of Mark Morrison's ... Read Full Biography

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