Stellardrone is a moniker of Lithuanian composer Edgaras Žakevičius, born in 1987 and living in the capital of Lithuania. He has no formal musical education, just a passion for sound, which emerged quite late, in his 20's. Edgaras is currently using only computer software, however doesn't reject the idea of using live instruments in a future. He is mostly interested in light ambient, berlin school kind of electronic and general space music and tries to fully express his thoughts and feelings with a synthetic, electronic sound.

Edgaras is a great admirer of astrophotography, images, photos of cosmic bodies, galaxies and stars are one of the biggest influences in his work. He was also greatly inspired by Kelly Bailey (computer game composer), Aaron Marshall (emerging film composer), Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Altus, Vangelis and Aphex Twin's selected ambient works.

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