The Sabres of Paradise

Dub-influenced leftfield electronic trio comprising Andrew Weatherall, Gary Burns, and Jagz Kooner, established in 1992. The group formed out of a series of fruitful remix collaborations done before the name "Sabres Of Paradise" was used — including "Papua New Guinea" by The Future Sound Of London, Flowered Up's epic baggy journey "Weekender" (renamed "Weatherall's Weekender" over two drastically reworked and extended balearic house/dub remixes), and The Moody Boys' "Centre Of The World". The group released its own material starting in 1993 but was known more for a series of adventurous remixes of other artists under the Sabres name. When the trio disbanded in 1995, Weatherall went on to form Two Lone Swordsmen with producer/engineer Keith Tenniswood, while Kooner and Burns joined The Aloof.

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