Tim Gane

English songwriter, guitarist and record collector, and co-founder of 1734. Born on 1964-07-12 in Essex, England, he began his musical career experimenting with harsh noise in the early 1980s, under the alias Unkommunitim aka Uncommunity, releasing self-financed cassettes on 63764 Wreckordings along with fellow Unkommuniti members Kallous Boys and other noise projects. He was a key member of McCarthy from 1985 until their breakup in 1990. In that year he co-founded Stereolab with his former partner Laetitia Sadier, the band for which he is now most famous. He was also involved in side projects such as Turn On (1997) or Alternative 3 (2001). More recently, Gane has formed & been involved in Cavern Of Anti-Matter. In 2014 Gane compiled the tracks for 758685, and in 2016, he presented 772135 544 for Fact Magazine.

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