In the early 1980s, Detroit techno DJ Eddie Fowlkes shaped a related style called electro-soul, which was characterized by a predominant bass line and a chopped up electro breakbeat contrasted with soulful male vocals. Kurtis Mantronik’s electro-soul productions for Joyce Sims presaged new jack swing’s combination of hip hop and soul elements. In a 2016 profile on the genre’s rise in Denver’s music scene, Dylan Owens of The Denver Post writes, “As with all fledgling genres, little about electro-soul is defined — even what to call it. (Of the eight artists interviewed for this article, none agreed on any one name.) But what does seem sure is its rise, especially locally. If Denver can be known as the musical torchbearer of any genre, it’s electro-soul’s half-live, half-produced swirl of hip-hop, soul, funk and jazz.” No Self Control by Peter Gabriel, taken from his 1980 album Peter Gabriel, has been described as electro-soul, fused with art rock.

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