Eskibeat was initially a name given to music by Wiley before grime was the agreed upon title. The term “eskibeat” is derived from Eskimo, a name for indigenous people who live in the extremely cold northern circumpolar region. This reflected Wiley’s mindset at the time, which was both “angry” and “cold-hearted”. Eskibeat would later develop into a subgenre of grime, defined by the “futuristic, icy cold synths, devastating basslines and awkward, off-kilter rhythms” pioneered by Wiley in tracks like “Igloo” and “Eskimo”, one of the first examples of grime music and eskibeat. Eskibeat production has had a massive impact on grime music, and has had an influence on UK drill. Notable producers of Eskibeat are Wiley, Zomby, Danny Weed, and Lewi B.

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