For "SP" pressing credits, see Specialty Records Corporation Specialty (or Specialty Records) is an American record label, launched in August 1946 by Art Rupe. The record label was sold to Fantasy Records in November 1990 and is now part of the Concord Music Group. Original 7"s from 1951 to 1957 (cat. n° 300-cat. n° 607) have a yellow line in the black wavy horizontal stripe. Original 7"s until April 1952 (cat. n° 432-45) have a "-45" suffix ; please enter the cat. n° with the suffix. Original 7"s from July 1952 (cat. n° 433 & cat n° 830) until September 1956 (cat. n° 583 & cat n° 896) have also a "XSP-" & "SP-" prefix ; please enter both cat. n° with the prefix. Original 78"s with cat. nr. starting with SP-1xx are European releases from Belgium (deal Ronnex Records with Specialty). They have Specialty V's printed on the label. British and European releases often credited [Recorded By] "Specialty, Hollywood" or misspelled "Speciality, Hollywood".

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