Shfl is an album suggestion tool. It's a random sampler that serves up recommendations from musicians, music critics, and lists of albums I thought were interesting.

The population sampled from can be customized - tapping on a tag or the icons next to the date, label, or album recommender will restrict the sampler to albums that share that attribute. Filters can also be added manually using search, and they can be combined - you can filter on African music from the 70's, for instance, or norwegian black metal, or jazz guitar.

A few other miscellaneous things - filtering on "popular" will restrict the sampler to albums that have three or more recommendations. Every album page has a list of other suggestions as well - these are sampled from the set of albums that share a tag and were recommended by at least one of the same people. These suggestions are ranked from least popular to most popular.

I add new recommendations every Monday, and at the end of the year I add a bunch of year-end lists, so you're able to filter on popular albums from 2016, for example.

The site was built with Flask and Redis using Google App Engine. I wrote about some issues I had with the way Redis samples from sets here. If you have any questions or feedback, or know of an interesting list of albums that I should add, I can be reached via email.