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Bassist and singer Richie Lee killed himself in 2001, which is why this collection stops there. The Nineties music that gets shortest shrift is the clean-sounding stuff, where grunge and hip-hop and techno have no relevance. Acetone is like that, a bare bones trio that lines up most neatly next to other lesser known acts, like Pell Mell and Giant Sand and Swell. And if this does not help you much, the more common orientation points tend to be third album Velvets and Big Star. Acetone is much more deadpan and low-key than those acts, especially in Lee’s vocals, and more controlled than any kind of Crazy Horse-derived bands. This is real dusty road shit, squinting into the sun and letting the cig burn down in the headstock of your Tele while you vibe with the fellas. If the Twin Peaks vibrato scene had a slightly less goth section, this might be it.

Sasha Frere-Jones

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