ALFOS Phonox 21/02/20 album cover
ALFOS Phonox 21/02/20

Sean Johnston


This six and a quarter hour recording is one of the most emotionally charged DJ mixes in history. Andrew Weatherall died just four days before he and Sean Johnston were scheduled to play Phonox in Brixton – one of the regular venues for their A Love From Outer Space (ALFOS) club night. Johnston was extremely reluctant to continue but the ALFOS community had other ideas: swept along on a huge wave of love, support and heartbroken celebration, he had no choice but to continue it as a tribute event. From the live version of Joe Jackson’s “Stepping Out” that starts proceedings, the sense of atmosphere is palpable, and Johnston faultlessly voyages through ALFOS and Weatherall classics, never rushing anything – although there are explosive moments as when Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Welcome to the Pleasuredome” ups the energy level massively. And the sense of collective joy and sorrow as it all culminates with Weatherall’s mix of Primal Scream’s “Come Together” is almost unbearable.

Joe Muggs

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